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An information tool for land and water managers

The Conservation of Freshwater Ecosystem Values (CFEV) Project offers the first comprehensive audit of freshwater ecosystems conducted in Australia. It provides conservation assessments for all rivers, lakes and waterbodies, wetlands, estuaries, saltmarshes and karst within Tasmania.

The CFEV Database provides access to conservation evaluations for freshwater dependent ecosystems through three CFEV assessment components as well as the underlying data sets from which these have been formulated.

Use the database to:

  • Query results at a particular site or feature, sub-catchment or catchment feature.
  • Identify significant freshwater ecosystems for consideration in conservation planning.
  • To access details on the classification and condition assessment of freshwater ecosystems.

Users need to be registered to access the database. This interface has been designed for professional users who require detailed environmental data on freshwater ecosystems.

For quick public access to the CFEV data and other water-related information see the WIST (Water Information System of Tasmania) and investigate Natural Freshwater Values.

The CFEV Database is an information resource that assists water and land managers to make better decisions in the conservation and management of Tasmania's freshwater ecosystems. This information is to be used as a guide only and values should be verified on the ground.

Find more information about the CFEV Project and assessment framework on the DPIW website, in the CFEV Project Technical Report, or by emailing